12.19.17 Full Belly full meal (or side) caesar salad

Just the right balance of garlic and lemon in our house made caesar dressing, with freshly grated Parmesan and (optional) house made croutons OR cheesy fauxcroutons for gluten free folks - house made crispy clusters of parmesan and gruyere cheeses, this fresh, crunchy classic salad of organic romaine lettuce has it all. Order it topped with succulent grilled chicken for a full meal, or order without meat and enjoy a lighter meal for one or a side salad for two to accompany the BBQ beef or frittata. By special request, anchovies can be omitted from the dressing. The dressing is egg free. Request dairy free as well, and I'll add avocado and a souffle cup of toasted nutritional yeast for a cheesy but dairy free flavor.


"Your Caesar dressing was positively stellar!"

Dietary Characteristics for All Options: 
SF, NF, GF without croutons, P, DF without croutons or cheese, V, v by request
Delivery Dates: