12.19.17 Full Belly Fare Pantry: Organic Mealtime Bites by Little Handfuls

Easy to grab, nutritious, organic options for Baby Led Weaning or just for toddler snack! This is a product from another local business called Little Handfuls - Little Handfuls was built around helping time starved parents with some convenient heat and serve options they could serve their little ones without sacrificing health. Or if you'll be out for the day, with no place to heat, no problem! Simply pack Little Handfuls in a lunch box and they'll defrost to be delicious little morsels, fully cooked, no heating necessary!

Little bites are all organic, with NO added sugar or sodium. They are sold frozen and come with 14 mealtime bites per bag (a total of 7 servings). The three flavor options are: Blackberry, Date and Oat, Apple, Squash and Quinoa, and Spinach, Brown Rice and Bean. An order through Full Belly Fare defaults to one bag of each flavor, but feel free to request all three bags be in one or two flavors, if preferred.

Dietary Characteristics for All Options: 
GF, SF, V, NF and the butternut flavor is DF
$11 per pouch ordered in sets of 3 pouches, one of each flavor (or request specific flavors)
Delivery Dates: