12.19.17 December break freezer stock sale items

We accumulate extra portions of soups and stews from previous weeks where we gauged orders imperfectly. Since we are on a break for 2 weeks over Christmas and New Years, we are offering these items at a discount, to make room for more in our limited freezer space and help tide you all over during the break in delivery! Please specify in order comments if you have specific dietary needs - dairy free, vegetarian, etc., and receive a chef's choice of frozen dishes that match your request(s). Each item ordered is $20, you'll receive approximately 2-3 servings of meat dishes for the $20 price (depending on appetite) and if it is a vegetarian dish you'll receive approximately 3 servings, so as you can see this is a significant discount over regular menu prices! If you'd like muffins, cookies, or other add on items we might have frozen, please note that in the comment field and you will receive them for 50% off (you'll get twice as many as you normally would for the $20).

Dietary Characteristics for All Options: 
All GF, many other options available upon request.
Delivery Dates: