06.06.17 Mexican full meal salad

This fresh, zingy salad is served with grilled tequila lime wild sustainable prawns, or by special request grilled sliced steak (or chicken) can be substituted. Vegetarians can request black beans instead of meat. The unusual combo of succulent oranges or strawberries (seasonal), crisp raw shaved fennel, red onion and bright, juicy watermelon radishes, refreshing cilantro and creamy sheep milk feta cheese (can omit upon special request) with an edge of spicy red chile (can omit upon special request) and a lime olive oil dressing, is a stunning contrast in flavor and texture. An avocado for slicing and a side of ultra thin, crunchy house made tortilla strips tossed in complete the experience, but can be omitted for those who don't eat corn. Makes a lovely side salad to the frittata, the bolognese, or the stew - order meatless with or without beans and split between two people.

Dietary Characteristics for All Options: 
GF, SF (DF, v, V, P also available upon request)
Delivery Dates: