06.06.17 Brunch item: Seasonal fruit and GF oat (or grain free) granola parfait of cow milk or coconut yogurt

Fresh seasonal fruit, house made honey sweetened fruit compote, and your choice of dairy or vegan coconut yogurt, served with house made gluten free, nut free oat, sesame, coconut, apricot, tart cherry and golden raisin honey granola (or request grain free (but not nut free) granola in order comments!) . Delivered in compartmented container so you can freshly combine when ready to eat!

This beautiful and hearty breakfast parfait is layered with scrumptious variety. Each component is in its own separate compartment to maintain texture and flavors - you just mix together right before eating! Default is cow milk yogurt but request dairy free coconut yogurt in order comments if desired (or nut free granola).

Dietary Characteristics for All Options: 
GF, NF, SF, V, with a v, P option
$11.50 per parfait, ordered by the pair (2 for $23)
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