05.30.17 Full Belly Pantry: Whimsy Chocolates

PERFECT for Mother's Day! These luscious chocolates are locally made in small batches using Belgian chocolate that supports cocoa farmers and sustainable cocoa cultivation. They last 1-12 months (depending on item).

Ordering options (mention your selection in order comments, or the default will be option 1):

Option 1) Assorted box (approximately 15 pieces) that includes a combination of: dark and milk chocolate covered salted caramels, mocha meltaways, dark meltaways, nut clusters (pecan/almond), toffee, and peanut butter crisps. - or if you order 2, you can request one large box (approximately 30 pieces) rather than two 15 piece boxes.

Option 2) 5 sets of 2 pieces (one dark, one milk) chocolate covered salted caramel in a lovely little clear box with a heart decoration (great Valentine gifts for employees, kids, colleagues.)

Option 3) 2 sets of 5 piece packs of chocolate covered salted caramels - choose milk or dark or a combo (last 12 weeks)

Option 4) 2 sets of 5 piece chocolate covered peanut butter balls - comes in milk chocolate (last 12 weeks)

Option 5) 2 sets of 5 piece meltaways - choose dark, mocha, mint- (last 1 year)

Please mention which option or options you'd like in order comments! If no option mentioned, the default will be the assorted box.

Dietary Characteristics for All Options: 
All GF, NF, meltaways are vegan, all products contain small amount of soy lecithin
$20 per option
Delivery Dates: