02.27.18 Sampler meal pack - PALEO

Don't have time to choose what to try off each week's menu? Want to just have delicious food show up and try a little bit of everything? Considering a subscription, but not sure which one? This package is for you! Purchase this package for 1 week or multiple weeks, and you will receive 1 portion of each PALEO compliant Full Belly Fare dish offered for that week (does not include pantry items) - some dishes will be adapted and others duplicated to comply with the paleo diet. Please comment on your order to let us know if you eat: butter, quinoa, white potatoes, or other items that vary from person to person under the paleo umbrella.

The value of this package is approximately $99 per week, sometimes higher (It is discounted if you end up choosing this as a subscription).

Weekly delivery includes:
3-4 portions of entrees
1-2 portion of a veggie side
1-2 serving of each brunch item (1-2)
1 serving of dessert when there is a paleo option

Dietary Characteristics for All Options: 
P, other aspects vary week to week or by request
$99 - for one person, order multiple packages for multiple people
Delivery Dates: