02.27.18 Paleo Banana Walnut Muffins (W30 too!)

These are my new favorite muffin and I am not even strict paleo! They contain no sweetener at all (just the banana) but they are perfectly sweet. What I really love about them is they don't taste like almond meal or coconut flour. They contain a very small amount of coconut flour but they are primarily bananas and eggs, with some nut butter. Nutritionally, these are not really cake at all, and are super protein and nutrient dense - but the experience of eating them is that of eating a delectable muffin! I used hazelnut butter last time and it was lovely, but each batch will be custom, depending on what we have available. These will be baked fresh to order and both freeze well and reheat well in the oven or microwave!

Dietary Characteristics for All Options: 
V, NF, SF, DF, GF, P, W30
$16 for 4 muffins
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