02.27.18 Full Belly Pantry NEW quick and delicious Wyld Bread english muffin breakfast sandwiches!

I am so very thrilled to be introducing this new pantry product! We are proud to feature Wyld Bread english muffins (seeded, savory herb, or plain), made with local wild yeasts/naturally fermented, and baked right here in our shared kitchen! We have created what we think are among the tastiest grab and go breakfast options out there:

A fabulous Wyld Bread english muffin, lightly griddled to a toasty perfection, layered with:
-perfectly baked egg
-cheese (or request dairy free)
-one or more Full Belly Fare original spreads (examples: power green pesto, chipotle tomato marmalade, tangerine black pepper marmalade, candied bacon jam, jalapeño lime mayo)
- Some combinations may contain vegetables, meats, or other ingredients that go well with the sandwich, such as Pat and Tam's ginger pear sausage, honey cured bacon, tomato, spinach, etc.

Options for customization:
You can request vegetarian, dairy free, no vegetables, or mild (not spicy) with any order, but the default with no special requests will be 3 breakfast sandwiches, each a different variety.

CHILD FRIENDLY OPTION: You can also request "kid friendly" preparation for just egg and cheese, or egg, bacon, and cheese (on plain muffins rather than seeded or herb) - without the fancy sauces or veggies, and receive FOUR sandwiches instead of 3, for a great breakfast for those hectic mornings!

If you have a preference for all seeded, or all plain for the muffins, feel free to mention that too!

These can be frozen (or kept frozen if delivered that way) and then microwaved in their paper wrapping, or moved to foil and baked in a 350 degree oven. It takes less than 2 minutes in the microwave and they come out great that way - it takes about 10 minutes in the oven. Either way you have a grab and go breakfast for yourself or for kids, that is sure to please and start the day off warm and nourished!

Dietary Characteristics for All Options: 
All options are SF - available options include: DF, NF, V
$8 per sandwich, ordered in sets of 3 (or $6 for a "kid friendly" set of 4)
Delivery Dates: 
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