02.20.18 Full meal spinach and poppyseed salad

This is a salad I just couldn't get enough of for long while when I was young, but we've greatly improved it, with house made dressing (as opposed to that bottled stuff!) and fresh citrus. Fresh vibrant spinach, sweet red onions, beautiful succulent citrus sections (seasonal), toasted sliced almonds (on the side to maintain crunch), and perfectly grilled steak (or chickpeas upon request for a vegetarian version) - delivered with a lovely, house made, paleo poppyseed dressing on the side, as well as a fresh avocado for slicing. Don't miss this terrific salad! Makes a great side salad for the Kima as well (order vegetarian for that, and split an order between two people).

Dietary Characteristics for All Options: 
GF, NF, SF, DF, P, V, v except for honey
Delivery Dates: