01.30.18 Full Belly Pantry: Chef's choice baked goods variety pack - now you can request vegan, GF, DF, Paleo

We often have delectable baked goods in the freezer, from over production days, or just because we were testing something new out and will be offering it on the menu at some point. If you don't have food sensitivities, leave it up to us to select a combination set of muffins, scones, cookies, or other delectable baked items for your enjoyment and at a big savings! Just pop the frozen items in the oven, a toaster oven, or even the microwave, and heat briefly for a fresh-from-the-bakery experience! NOW you can request special dietary modifications! Vegan, Dairy free, Gluten free are all options! Paleo is also an option, although the variety will be less.

Dietary Characteristics for All Options: 
Dietary Characteristics for All Options: all items are SF and V, and and you can now request Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free or Paleo in the order comments!
$16 for a chef's choice set of 6-10 items depending on size (a 30% savings)
Delivery Dates: